There are two groups of people in the world today that are very adamant about their beliefs, and these groups include those that are avid coffee drinkers and those that are religious. Most people understand that people in the world, billions of them, adhere to some form of religion or another. Whether you are a Buddhist, Christian, or one of the many other major religions, you have a certain set of beliefs that you adhere to. These beliefs conform the way that you perceive the world, and also mold the many actions that you take throughout the day. Coffee drinkers are also very similar, not in the sense that they believe that coffee is a God, but they do have very strong beliefs in the type of coffee that they drink when they drink it, and what it means to their life. Let’s look at some interesting facts about coffee and religion that you may not have known, and show you how the to are more similar than you would think.

Coffee In Religion

There are many religions today where coffee is discussed, and those that observed the effects of this beverage or even chewing on the beans, that person to make certain conclusions. For example, in mystical Sufism, the beliefs in the spiritual aspect of coffee led them to name a particular type of coffee Arabica. It was also used by people in different countries such as Ethiopian sheepherders that realized by eating the coffee beans; it allowed their workers to stay up all night. These empirical observations played a role in the indoctrination of coffee into certain religious belief systems that had to do with their society.

The Accepted Forbidden Beverage

There are some countries such as Saudi Arabia which heavily follow a religion called Islam. In this religion, qahwa is forbidden. In some translations, this refers to wine, and the drinking of alcohol in these countries that follow Islam is simply not permitted. However, another word that is derived from the word qahwa is coffee, and they love coffee in this country. Going back to the Sufi mystics, they realize that when they were drinking large volumes of it, they would become what they called spiritually intoxicated. Therefore, regardless of where you look in the world, coffee has played a large role in some spiritual cultures and is often associated with mystical teachings or even common things like reading poetry or playing chess at coffee houses. However, in our modern world today, coffee is one of the top beverages of choice because it is recognized for its ability to stimulate not only physical activity but mental acuity as well.

Is Coffee Good For Religion?

Despite the fact that modern medical studies have shown that it’s good for you, there have been some adverse studies that have shown otherwise. Some have shown that it increases the amount of insulin that is released into the bloodstream which can lead to a condition called insulin resistance. This can lead to diabetes, and other studies have shown that the adrenaline that is released by drinking too much coffee can have an adverse affect on your heart. However, as with all things, moderation is the key, and coffee can be a very stimulating and beneficial beverage that is perfect for religious gatherings. If you have ever been to a Christian or Catholic church, in the morning they often serve¬†coffee which allows the followers to be alert, happy, and will help them participate throughout the morning and the different activities that they will do. According to Coffee Maker World Website, Coffee has a great way of bringing people together, and that’s what church is about. It’s about the union of people as human beings that also follow similar teachings. Therefore, it seems that coffee is beneficial across the board, whether you are looking at Eastern or Western religions. Best of all, it is good for you when taken in moderate amounts, making it a beverage that has more positive advantages than negative consequences.

Now that you know a little bit more about the interactions of the beverage coffee, and spiritual teachings and religions throughout the world, you should see that the to go hand-in-hand. From a very basic standpoint, when people are participating in church functions, or gatherings and other religions, it’s always a good idea to be as alert as possible. Some of those that drink large amounts of coffee have been spiritually inspired, as it does cause the brain to go into a sort of hyperactive mode. Your ability to perceive things, especially spiritual teachings, seems to be enhanced according to the studies and is, therefore, something that everyone should consider drinking if only for their health. Your choice of coffee is going to be similar to your choice of a religion. It’s going to be personal, and it’s going to be one that is based upon what makes you feel good or feels right. Even if you don’t drink coffee, if you would like to try out one of the many different types that are available, you will likely find something that will be to your liking and may very well enhance your ability to become active in your current religious practice.

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